A word about Traffic Exchange Programs
(and the reason we terminated our "Traffic Exchange Program")

1. Poor Conversion Rates – Although these programs can bring you fast traffic, people have found out that this traffic is not easily converted into sales.

2. Wasting Time Manually Surfing – Having to manually surf other websites to earn credits can waste precious hours of your time. You are required to stay between 10 to 20 seconds on each site so you can do the math to see that it would take hours just to get a good amount of credits.

3. Wasted Effort – As online business owners, we all know how valuable our time is and how much work we have to do in that time. Many people feel that because of the poor quality of traffic and the large amount of time needed to earn credits, participating in these programs is not worth the effort.

4. Auto Surfing – Many users who use "Auto Surfing Exchange Programs" will open the surfing URL and let the program run all day and night. As you can see, your site will never be seen by a perspective customer or client. The would-be customer or client is either at work or sleeping.

5. Wasted Money – Even if websites are only charging you $30.00 a month to exchange traffic with other members, does it matter if your site(s) is never really being seen? Besides you're wasting your webhosting bandwidth. I know you're paying for the bandwidth, but why waste it?

6. Cheating – Many users will use traffic creating robots and software to earn credits. These views, from robots, don’t do much for the visited sites. It increments a hit counter, but that’s about it. Try converting that into sales!

7. Viruses, Adware and Spyware – Because of the easy access for all to these programs it is quite possible to pick up viruses, adware and spyware. One program even had to shut down because of this problem.

Those are some of the reasons we terminated our "Traffic Exchange Program", instead we opted to network with thousands of other websites and send real human traffic to your site(s).